My CPR has been expired for over 10 years. I was dreading having to update it. The first class I took at a school was not instructed very will. So I was now apprehensive in taking it again.
Stephen Hoffman's class was great!! He was amazing. Sharing real life stories from his fire fighter days. The class was well outlined and executed in an organized manner. And easy to understand. The class was interactive and working together. It truly made for a great experience. I will definitely be returning in 2 years to renew. I highly recommend him to everyone

- Tiana N.  [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Professional, responsive, accommodating, and... Fun!!  Stephen trained around 40 people in three classes. Rave reviews!! Time flew by, it was engaging, and everyone had a fun and educational experience. Best CPR training Ever!!

- Jana C.  [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Stephen was a great instructor! He made the CPR training fun and his many years of experience and real life examples were great. He covered adults to infants which was perfect. I took the friends and family course, which is pretty much the same content as the certification course just with a few minor tweaks. Highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone. Thanks Stephen!

- Erin G.  [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Stephen provided our office with the best CPR class for healthcare providers we have ever had.  He was on time, very informative, and friendly. After this class, our entire office was confident that we had retained pertinent information.  I would highly recommend Conejo Valley CPR and will be giving his business card to everyone I know!

- Kylie G. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Stephen always trains our staff! He's the BEST...and we've been through A LOT of trial and error instructors until we found him! He's funny and interactive with great stories! He creates a positive and FUN learning experience, which helps the material stick all the better. Absolutely recommend!

- D. K. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

Conejo Valley CPR did a great job of really implanting all the techniques in your brain used to save the lives of adults, kids and infants from CPR, choking and how to use a automated external defibrillator. Great job today! Everyone should take this class!

- Robert B — 5 star (Facebook)

Took the CPR/ First Aid AED class and Stephen was the instructor. He was very friendly, explained everything in great detail and what I loved the most was that he gave tips and real experience examples. I loved listening to "Staying alive" by the Bee Gees as a way to remember giving each compression to our CPR doll (the beat helps!!!!!)
I definitely recommend to have a class with Stephen!!
Thanks Stephen for being my instructor, see you in a couple of years. =)

- Carmelita H. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Look no further for an amazing CPR class. Stephen is knowledge & professional. He made it so easy and fun! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!!! Don't hesitate to call.. This is a great class! Thank you

- Steve C. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Best CPR certification in the area. I had a great experience with this company that is run by a retired firefighter. Very thorough and professional. Even better, I did not feel pressured to buy additional materials!

- Teresa I (The Patch)

Stephen Hoffman is wonderful! I am reviewing for Tutor Time PreSchool in Agoura Hills. Stephen has done all of our staff CPR and First Aid training for the last few years, and I can honestly say, he is the best we've ever had! Knowledgeable, skilled, and is able to keep class fun and interesting. He is super friendly and our staff loves him! We are 100% committed to our continued use of this instructor!

- Besty W. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

Stephen Hoffman is an extremely knowledgeable and patient instructor. With his extensive background and experience as a former (New England) fire fighter, he is confident and thorough who shows his skills through hands-on teaching. He makes learning fun.. and you cannot beat his prices! I would certainly recommend Conejo Valley CPR.

- Beth B. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

Excellent class. Must go to. Keep up the great work Stephen!

- Andrew G  — 5 star (Facebook)

I highly recommend Conejo Valley CPR. Stephen, the owner, came to our house and gave a class to our family. He was very professional and prompt about returning emails. He showed up on time and his class was not only informative, but it was also very interesting. My husband and I have taken classes at other facilities and we both agree that his class was superior to the others. We will continue to take classes through Conejo Valley CPR.

- R M. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

I highly recommend Conejo Valley CPR. It was very easy to book and convenient to have the training at my company office. The instructor was very informative and made sure that everyone understood all the concepts and methods of CPR. The class was quick to the point and hands-on And you can't beat their prices. I will definitely call them to re-certify in 2 years.

- Kenn F. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

Thanks for a great class Stephen! We find your classes so valuable for our business!

- Holly H-J — 5 star (Facebook)

We were very happy with Conejo Valley CPR.  Stephen taught a "Family and Friends CPR" class at our house for a family of 7 people.  My wife, who is a nurse, was satisfied with his knowledge base and method of teaching and said that he actually taught more than what the American Heart Association requires for that level.
Stephen was easy to get a hold of and very accommodating to our schedule.  He even apologized for not getting back to us on a weekend (even though he called back on a Sunday).  We appreciated that he confirmed our appointment the day before.  He showed up on time and was well-prepared, bringing enough materials and mannequins for everyone to practice on.
Stephen was friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.  We enjoyed all of the relevant anecdotes he had from his years of experience in the field.  He allowed us to learn at our own pace, making sure that we felt comfortable with the CPR techniques before moving on to the next lesson.  He was reasonably priced and even offered a discount for larger groups.
We would definitely recommend Conejo Valley CPR to anyone looking for a CPR class at any level.

- Briant L. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

Mr. Hoffman helped me out in a pinch. Had a Westlake High School fundraiser planned with a last minute cancellation of the EMT set to teach a First Aid Class. In a scramble, I Googled for a substitute and found Mr. Hoffman's local school. At first, Mr. Hoffman could not do it, as he was booked but he had a cancellation and he called me back! The class was well received by the high school students and he was so pleasant to deal with over the phone and thru email. Highly recommend using this school.

Terri B. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

great class and great price would definatly recommend it !

Kandace U. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

​A huge "thank you" to Stephen for coming to our home and teaching us CPR and actions to take as a result of choking.  Our family includes adults and infants and we wanted to be educated in both skills, heaven forbid something happens to one of the babies.  Stephen is incredibly knowledgeable and is a wonderful instructor.  He arrived at our home on time and well prepared to teach us the basics, using clean and helpful equipment.  All of our questions were answered completely and left us feeling confident should we ever find ourselves in a position where the skills need to be used.  

- Dana L. [5.0 star rating]  (Yelp)

Stephen made the class interesting.  The class was informing and to the point.  You get your own dummy doll to work with and practice your CPR skills.  It was a straightforward course and timed well for CPR (Adult, Child, Infant) and First Aid.  I highly recommend him!

​- Shannon A. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

My CPR (healthcare providers) class was easy to book, easy to find, and easy to understand.  Best of all: it was concise.  Unlike with classes elsewhere, I didn't feel like we spent a lot of time on tedious or useless information; conversely, I thought Stephen did a great job making sure we understood the important material and concepts.  On top of that he's personable, fun, and obviously very experienced!  
I came out of my refresher course feeling much comfortable with this skill set, and would highly recommend this course/company.
Remember to bring cash or check!  He does take credit cards, but from a small biz owner's POV I can tell ya cash and check are highly preferred  :)

- Harn C. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

I just attended a class with Steve at my daughters home. I have to say, from experience in teaching classes, it is very important to captivate your audience, while not boring them. Steve's delivery was on point and he kept my attention and made me very excited to learn. I HIGHLY recommend Conejo Valley CPR and Steve to anyone, either business or family setting, he is a fantastic teacher and very concise on what he presents. I will renew my knowledge with him every couple of years. I also want to point out that he does offer all of the tools needed to be prepared for any CPR emergency you may face. Lastly, to get off of my soap box now, if price is an issue, don't let it be, first off, he is very fair in his prices and with Steve you get far more than you pay for in my opinion. Thank you Steve!!!! My family is well armed thanks to you.

- Bill H. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Conejo Valley CPR is great for learning life skills whether you plan on being a healthcare provider or just want to know in case the need arises.
I am currently in the process of becoming a firefighter and used Conejo Valley CPR on my way into my EMT class to get my healthcare provider level certification. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable with a long career as a firefighter and EMT. He has tons of insightful and sometimes funny stories that were extremely helpful and made the learning process easy. It is nice to know that you are learning from someone who has actually done CPR on several people and not just a trained instructor.
On top of all of this he has had great advice for me as I progress through my journey to become a firefighter. It is a very rigorous and competitive hiring process and it has been very helpful to pick Stephen's brain.
If you are a parent and would like to know CPR for your children's sake or are working your way into a first responder or healthcare provider career, Conejo Valley CPR is a great starting place.

- Casey F. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

This course flew by because it was so interesting. Our instructor Stephen is knowledgeable and a charismatic instructor. He also found out what we all did for a living and applied the knowledge to our work. So happy I took this course here.

- Sara S. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Had a class with Stephen today! He is a super professional guy!!! Keeps class very interesting! Prices are very affordable! Many different time slots as well! I did Saturday because I work at schools during the week! He shares personal stories and also allows you to share your stories too! Very hands on! It's the only way to learn! Will be back for my recert in 2 years! Thanks again Stephen!

- N.S. [5.0 star rating] (Yelp)

Outstanding outstanding!!!!!!
Keep up Gods Savin lives Works 247

- William L — 5 star (Facebook)